De Quaeye Werelt

Every year in June, a great transformation takes place at ‘Rivierenhof’ in Deurne (near Antwerp). Knights, mercenaries, merchants and craftsmen pitch their tents near Sterckshof castle and invite the people to experience the Middle Ages as it was in 1477.

Free entrance!

With ‘de Quaeye Werelt’ we try to depict this historically important timeframe as accurate as possible. And with success, as since its  first edition in 1999 ‘de Quaeye Werelt’ has become one of the most famous medieval events in the Benelux. Craftsmen and merchants from allover Europe will show their products. Tailors, black smiths, wood carvers, bowmakers, weavers,… every aspect of a common day in life will be portrayed.

The highlight of the event surely is the epic battle which will be fought out by hundreds of re-enactors. Mercenaries, militias, knights, squires and even gunners will play their part in order to relive that day in history.

De Quaeye Werelt


3-4 juni 2023

Free entrance


the domaines 'Rivierenhof'


Deurne (Antwerp)